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10. Evil Kids - Home Movie

The kids in this movie are straight up horrifying, and watching their "happy" family spiral is chilling. The fact that the kids hardly talk in the entire movie makes them even creepier. But seriously, I'd have wrapped them in duct tape and locked them in the trunk of my car until I could dump them off at the first state hospital I could find. But that probably would have been a pretty anticlimactic ending.

11. Sci-Fi Horror - Event Horizon

This is basically a haunted house in space movie, and I love it. I'm not a huge sci-fi person, but I love this one. Sam Neill's descent into evil is great. It definitely looks a bit dated now, but I think it works with the whole atmosphere.

12. Man vs Nature - The Descent

I am not a claustrophobic person at all (pretty sure I was a cat in my last life considering how much I enjoy small enclosed spaces) but The Descent definitely gives me some serious pause about that. Luckily the chance of me ever voluntarily going caving is less than zero, but the movie still manages to be incredibly creepy. I do kind of wish that the monsters hadn't shown up until even later in the movie because just the group fighting against the cave was scary enough.

13. Werewolves - Brotherhood of the Wolf

This is one of those movies that no one seems to have heard of. I'm not sure it reallllllly counts as horror, but I didn't have another werewolf movie I liked this much. Clocking in at two and a half hours of French cinema with subtitles (because dubbing is for cheaters) it's definitely a commitment, but the movie is gorgeous. It feels almost like a very bloody fairytale.

14. Occult - A Dark Song

I watched this one for the first time last year and really loved it. Locked in a house with just the two cast members for almost the entire movie doing nothing but esoteric spells SHOULD be boring, but it's incredibly fascinating to watch. I love how the magic in this movie isn't loud or showy. It's all intent and will or the rituals mean nothing.

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