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18. Art House Horror - Get Out

Let me start this off by saying I cannot stand 99% of art house horror movies. “It Follows” was about 45 minutes too long and overrated. That kid in “The Babadook” made me side with the monster. “The Witch” had beautiful scenery but I didn’t get interested until the last 15 minutes. “Mother!” was so bad that Joe wouldn’t let me pick a movie for two months after I dragged him to it.

So me and art house horror are not friends.

“Get Out” is the rare exception. Smart storytelling, moments of humor, great social commentary, and an ending that had me holding my breath. I keep watching art house movies just because I know that for every dozen that I sit through I might get one this good.

19. Monster - Spring

I adore this movie. It’s a very unique monster store, and I love the way it deals more with science than the supernatural. Evan is just so earnest and sad that you just want everything to work out so badly for them. I wish I heard more people talking about this movie because it really is a favorite of mine.

20. Haunted House - The Others

Another favorite! I saw this one in the theaters a million years ago when it was first released. Haunted house movies are some of my favorites because with the good ones the house really is its own character. The kids were great actors and Nicole Kidman is always awesome.

21. Horror Documentary - The Nightmare

This movie creeps me out SO MUCH. It’s a documentary about sleep paralysis, and in between the interviews with the sufferers you get to see what they’re seeing, so you see the creepy Slenderman looking guys standing at the end of their bed. There are a couple spots where I honestly look away because I’m like, “Don’t invite them into your brain.” And documentary or not, that is a sign of a good scary movie.