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22. Technology - The Den

This is an incredibly creative take on the whole found footage style. The entire movie takes place through a computer screen as the main character gets caught up in a chatroulette type site, and then bad things start happening. Well worth a watch.

23. Hillbilly Horror - Wolf Creek

This is one of those movies where I honestly can’t figure out WHY I like it as much as I do. Crazy evil Australian guy terrorizing a few teenagers in the bleak emptiness of the outback? Yes, please.

24. Torture Porn - Devil’s Rejects

The thing I love about this movie is just how dirty it is. The characters are awful people with no redeeming qualities and yet somehow near the end your brain decides that it almost wants them to get away. WTF brain. I watch all of Rob Zombie’s movies, but this is the only one I’ve liked enough to watch multiple times. Dirty 70s exploitation style at its finest.