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28 October 2018 @ 11:37 pm
25. Horror Musical - Sweeney Todd

This one was a tough choice. I waffled back and forth between this and Repo: The Genetic Opera, but in the end my love for all things creepy and Victorian, plus Tim Burton and the whole Death Eater reunion won out. Love this movie and the eternal spurtiness of it.

26. Slasher - Scream

How could I not pick Scream? So very 90s in the best way possible, and it’s held up after all these years. The movie that spawned the idea of self aware horror.

27. Witches - The Craft

I actually got to see this in the theater today! My friend Aaron was visiting from Maine this weekend, and since Maine is sadly lacking in Alamo Drafthouses we were looking for a movie to see. The Alamo downtown was doing their Brunch with the Boys show which meant we got a drag show too.

I LOVE The Craft. Every outfit was pretty much #goals for high school Nastassia. And college Nastassia. And current Nastassia. I’m so glad I finally got to see it on the big screen.

28. Horror Satire - American Psycho

Deliciously twisted satire about the plastic world of the 80s and I get to leer at Christian Bale’s abs covered in blood. There’s a reason why this one is a favorite.