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22. Technology - The Den

This is an incredibly creative take on the whole found footage style. The entire movie takes place through a computer screen as the main character gets caught up in a chatroulette type site, and then bad things start happening. Well worth a watch.

23. Hillbilly Horror - Wolf Creek

This is one of those movies where I honestly can’t figure out WHY I like it as much as I do. Crazy evil Australian guy terrorizing a few teenagers in the bleak emptiness of the outback? Yes, please.

24. Torture Porn - Devil’s Rejects

The thing I love about this movie is just how dirty it is. The characters are awful people with no redeeming qualities and yet somehow near the end your brain decides that it almost wants them to get away. WTF brain. I watch all of Rob Zombie’s movies, but this is the only one I’ve liked enough to watch multiple times. Dirty 70s exploitation style at its finest.

18. Art House Horror - Get Out

Let me start this off by saying I cannot stand 99% of art house horror movies. “It Follows” was about 45 minutes too long and overrated. That kid in “The Babadook” made me side with the monster. “The Witch” had beautiful scenery but I didn’t get interested until the last 15 minutes. “Mother!” was so bad that Joe wouldn’t let me pick a movie for two months after I dragged him to it.

So me and art house horror are not friends.

“Get Out” is the rare exception. Smart storytelling, moments of humor, great social commentary, and an ending that had me holding my breath. I keep watching art house movies just because I know that for every dozen that I sit through I might get one this good.

19. Monster - Spring

I adore this movie. It’s a very unique monster store, and I love the way it deals more with science than the supernatural. Evan is just so earnest and sad that you just want everything to work out so badly for them. I wish I heard more people talking about this movie because it really is a favorite of mine.

20. Haunted House - The Others

Another favorite! I saw this one in the theaters a million years ago when it was first released. Haunted house movies are some of my favorites because with the good ones the house really is its own character. The kids were great actors and Nicole Kidman is always awesome.

21. Horror Documentary - The Nightmare

This movie creeps me out SO MUCH. It’s a documentary about sleep paralysis, and in between the interviews with the sufferers you get to see what they’re seeing, so you see the creepy Slenderman looking guys standing at the end of their bed. There are a couple spots where I honestly look away because I’m like, “Don’t invite them into your brain.” And documentary or not, that is a sign of a good scary movie.

15. Zombies - Train to Busan

Before I saw this movie I probably would have said 28 Days Later. That's still a great movie, but Train to Busan just kills it. You get attached to the characters way more than you do in a lot of horror movies and then the pace just never lets up. A+ zombie-ness.

16. Biblical/Devil Horror - The Devil’s Advocate

This is another "is it horror or not" movie, but I don't care, I just wanted to watch it. I love this movie. LOVE IT. It's probably in my top ten movies of all times. Back when had cable, it didn't matter that I had it on DVD. If I saw it playing, I couldn't not watch it. Al Pacino's speeches are epic, and I still have them all memorized.

Rewatching it definitely reminded me that I had a massive crush on John Milton back in the day. Apparently I have a type and that type is SATAN.


17. Voodoo - The Skeleton Key

The caveat with this is I haven't SEEN many voodoo related horror movies. The only one I've seen other than this is The Serpent and the Rainbow which is good until the stupid Hollywood ending where the hero has to win. So I'm definitely open for suggestions.

That being said, this movie entertained me for 90 minutes and it's in a creepy house in a creepy swamp. I'll take it.

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10. Evil Kids - Home Movie

The kids in this movie are straight up horrifying, and watching their "happy" family spiral is chilling. The fact that the kids hardly talk in the entire movie makes them even creepier. But seriously, I'd have wrapped them in duct tape and locked them in the trunk of my car until I could dump them off at the first state hospital I could find. But that probably would have been a pretty anticlimactic ending.

11. Sci-Fi Horror - Event Horizon

This is basically a haunted house in space movie, and I love it. I'm not a huge sci-fi person, but I love this one. Sam Neill's descent into evil is great. It definitely looks a bit dated now, but I think it works with the whole atmosphere.

12. Man vs Nature - The Descent

I am not a claustrophobic person at all (pretty sure I was a cat in my last life considering how much I enjoy small enclosed spaces) but The Descent definitely gives me some serious pause about that. Luckily the chance of me ever voluntarily going caving is less than zero, but the movie still manages to be incredibly creepy. I do kind of wish that the monsters hadn't shown up until even later in the movie because just the group fighting against the cave was scary enough.

13. Werewolves - Brotherhood of the Wolf

This is one of those movies that no one seems to have heard of. I'm not sure it reallllllly counts as horror, but I didn't have another werewolf movie I liked this much. Clocking in at two and a half hours of French cinema with subtitles (because dubbing is for cheaters) it's definitely a commitment, but the movie is gorgeous. It feels almost like a very bloody fairytale.

14. Occult - A Dark Song

I watched this one for the first time last year and really loved it. Locked in a house with just the two cast members for almost the entire movie doing nothing but esoteric spells SHOULD be boring, but it's incredibly fascinating to watch. I love how the magic in this movie isn't loud or showy. It's all intent and will or the rituals mean nothing.

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9. Gothic Horror - Crimson Peak

I love everything about this movie. Guillermo del Toro films are always something special, and Crimson Peak is definitely my favorite of his. I could have easily listed this under the haunted house category, but the crumbling manor and the dark, twisted romance HAD to be under gothic horror.

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7. Psychological Horror - Frailty

One horror trope I really really love is "are they crazy or is it a monster?" Matthew McConaughey is great in this movie (it kind of makes me wish he'd done more horror), and the whole story just draws you in from the first moment. There really is nothing more terrifying than a true believer.

8. Possession - The Conjuring

I LOVE this entire universe. The sequel is just as good as the first one, but I have to give this spot to the original. I love that it's set in the 70s so it really captures the old school horror vibe. I love Ed and Lorraine. I love the creepy creepy house.

The one thing I don't love is apparently I let someone borrow my DVD, and I don't remember who! I swear, it's always my favorite movies that seem to go missing. ::grumble grumble::

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5. Home Invasion - Hush

I respond to home invasion horror movies in a way that I don't to a lot of genres. The idea of having your sanctuary invaded is inherently creepy to begin with, and I can't help plotting through all the scenarios where I'd win. I find strange things comforting.

This movie is amazing though. Mike Flanagan is an incredible director, and Kate Siegel is perfect as Maddie. Plus it's just nice watching a horror movie where the dumb decisions are minimal.

6. Body Horror - American Mary

Okay, body horror is probably my least favorite sub-genre. I've seen a lot of body horror movies, and I think "American Mary" is one of a very short list that I've voluntarily watched a second time. I really love this movie. It's a great revenge story, and I am seriously rooting for Mary through the entire thing. Mary's black leather apron is very much my aesthetic.

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4. Horror Comedy - Tucker and Dale Versus Evil

Secret Nastassia fact: I LOVE horror comedies. If something is marketed as a horror comedy there's pretty much a 190% chance I'll watch it, and "Tucker and Dale" is one of my favorites. Alan Tudyk is a delight as always, and Tyler Labine is just a lovable oaf, and the whole movie is just utterly ridiculous with "Final Destination" level deaths. I enjoy anything that flips the usual horror movie tropes upside down.

3. Found Footage - The Poughkeepsie Tapes

I've seen this movie half a dozen times, and there are still points where I look away. This is found footage done right. There's never a part of this movie where it doesn't feel completely real. The graininess of the video, the interviews with the FBI profilers, the complete lack of music - it all contributes to making this feel like a real documentary. All of that just makes it so much creepier.

2. Killer Animal - Deep Blue Sea

I LOVE a good "giant animal terrorizing the populace" movie. I mean, I paid money to see The Meg this summer. I considered choosing Lake Placid for a minute because who doesn't enjoy watching a gator attack a helicopter, but super smart sharks and Samuel L. Jackson won out.

This movie is very late 90s, but it doesn't take itself too seriously. This particular sub-genre never really seems to. Because sometimes you just want to see a giant shark fuck some shit up.